Guest information

The GAFIA community encourages vaccination and other COVID-safe practices. If you are unwell, please do not come to the Lodge.

The Lodge

  • GAFIA has well equipped self-catering facilities, but guests must provide all their own food and drink.  A variety of food and beverage outlets are available on the mountain for those who prefer to eat out. See the Mt Baw Baw website for more information.
  • A pillow and one blanket is provided per bed but guests must bring a sleeping bag (or bed linen), pillowcase and towels.
  • The supply of firewood cannot be replenished during the winter season  – please use it sparingly.
  • Electricity is produced on the mountain using gas-powered generators. As this is relatively expensive, guests are asked to turn off unnecessary lights and electric appliances, and to keep the thermostats turned down in the bedrooms.
  • So that all guests enjoy their stay at the lodge, please consider the following:
    • Where activities, especially at night, may disturb other guests, please consider the needs of others.
    • Parents should keep an eye on their children at all times.

On arrival:

  • Check-in time is 4.00 pm. For the convenience of members/guests already in residence, please do not arrive before 4 pm unless other arrangements have been made through the Booking Secretary. 
  • An access code is needed to gain entry.
  • No outside footwear or wet-weather clothing is to be worn beyond the wet room. Bring slippers, etc.
  • In winter a luggage delivery service is normally available for a fee.
  • The Operations Manual gives information about how everything works at GAFIA (eg hot water, heating, vacuum cleaner). A hard copy is located next to the phone at the top of the stairs, or download an electronic version here: Operations Manual (33 downloads ) .
  • Please familiarise yourself with the evacuation procedure (signs are located near the doors in each bedroom) and the location of fire extinguishers. 


  • Check-out time is 4.00 pm on the day of departure.
  • As there is no resident Manager and no paid employees at GAFIA Lodge, guests are expected  to vacuum their own rooms and assist with some basic cleaning duties, removing rubbish and replenishing wood supplies before leaving so that the Lodge is ready for the incoming group.  Duty rosters and all cleaning products are provided.

Hire of equipment:

  • Alpine and cross-country skis, snowboards, snowshoes, toboggans, boots and poles can be hired on the mountain.

Non-smoking environment:

  • No smoking is allowed anywhere in the Lodge.

Telephone calls:

  • Mobile phone coverage is available around the village on Telstra and Optus networks.

Travelling advice:

  • All vehicles must carry chains during the snow season.
  • Before travelling ensure that your car radiator has anti-freeze added (check with your car manufacturer if unsure).
  • Diesel cars should either use alpine grade diesel or a have a suitable anti-gelling agent added to the tank.


  • In summer, you can drive to the door of GAFIA Lodge and park nearby, or park in the Day Car Park.
  • In winter, you will normally be directed by mountain staff.  Unless the Day Cark Park is very busy, you will be allowed to proceed to it and park for a short time while you unload your luggage there.  You can then either carry it about 100 m downhill to GAFIA Lodge, or engage over-snow transport for it at an advertised cost, as detailed on the Mt Baw Baw website. You must then return to the Day Car Park and move your car to one of the Long Term Car Parks.  The walk back to GAFIA Lodge from these car parks is about 200 m.


Accidents can be very expensive — make sure you have ambulance cover!

  • Accidents can happen when skiing, tobogganing or snow boarding. In the case of a serious accident such as a broken leg or shoulder, the patient may be taken by ambulance or flown from the resort by helicopter to the nearest hospital. This can be very expensive (many thousands of dollars), so make sure you have ambulance insurance cover before coming to the snow.